What We Do

Here is a small selection of things we are able to help with. We pride ourselves in our flexibility: if you don’t see your problem below, get in touch!

Moving to Spain

Are you buying a property in the area, and want to double check on what your estate agent is selling you? Are you renovating a house? Perhaps trying to connect to the electric grid and getting nowhere with the operator on the phone? 

We can help you get your empadronamiento, find and access local resources, speaking to your new GP, and much more.


Do you need a technical proyecto to build or renovate your house? Need somebody to manage the works while you’re away, or find and liaise with local workers and craftspeople? Or maybe you just need a good electrician?

We can manage your renovation project, from obtaining the correct permits at the Ayuntamiento, to supervising the execution of the works.


When you first move to a finca, it can be overwhelming to realise how many tools you need to look after the place. 

We have tractors available that can mow and mulch your whole property quickly and effortlessly. Do your trees need pruning, or planting? 

Do you need a road re-built or some landscaping for water management? We can help.


We can speak on your behalf in any situation, formal or informal. We can make calls for you, or you can call when you need help with Spanish.

We also can translate from Dutch, French, Italian and English to Spanish or Catalan and vice-versa.

For more examples and prices, see our list of Services.