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We know how difficult it is to integrate in a rural area when you don’t speak the local language all that well, and when your property is off-grid that can make things even trickier. We can help you find the property of your dreams, organise any renovation works, getting your papers in order and setting yourself up to enjoy life in Spain.

We currently work in the provinces of Tarragona, Zaragoza and Teruel.

About Us

What we do

Thanks to our team of local experts, we can help you with:

Interpreting and translating

Speaking, calling, writing in Spanish on your behalf to make sure you're really being understood.

Stone house

Purchases & Renovations

Locating and liaising with local contractors, organising permits with the Ayuntamiento, developing Architectural proyectos for major and minor works, etc.


Agricultural Work

Do you need to prune or plant trees, clearing, ploughing or mowing, shredding, digging projects? We can find local experts to look after your land or get you the machines to do the work yourself.


Residencia, NIE, healthcare & work

Independent advice on working in Spain, healthcare access, how to obtain legal residency to suit your circumstances.

Let us help you solve your problem!

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Client testimonials

"Nic has been invaluable in helping me to fix my residency problems. He's thorough, organised, and good at explaining things. He understands how the bureaucratic system works and has guided us through it with his honest no-nonsense approach. I recommend him to everyone."
D., Caspe
"Three times we went to Zaragoza only to find we had the wrong appointment booked by a gestor. Nicholas got us the correct appointment, made sure we had all the correct paperwork, and went with us to the office to translate for us. Everything went smoothly and now we are legal residents in Spain! Thanks Nic!"
H., Maella
"Nicholas did our residency for us and helped us get set up as self-employed. Thanks to him we have residency in Spain and have access to the health service. He made everything simple and stress free and now he's helping us with our house renovation."
E., Calaceite