Looking for the perfect property

Standard Property Report (€50): we can produce a 4-5 page report on a property that interests you, looking up all publicly available information. This report often reveals discrepancies with what the Estate Agent/Owner says, and can answer questions such as “Is this building legal?”.

Property Evaluation (€35): in this extension to the previous report, we try and answer any questions you might have on the property using the data available, and evaluate how it fits your specific needs, whether you’re looking for a permaculture farm, a retirement dream, or a holiday destination.

Architect’s Report (€100): our Architect can look up the property and all relevant rules and regulations from the Autonomous Community and the Ayuntamiento, to tell you whether you can really build, renovate, or rent out the property.

Off-grid properties

Geological Survey Report (€300) for wells and boreholes: a Mines Engineer can produce a report for your property on the availability of underground water as well as an assessment of the local regulations and permits needed.

– Planning solar panels and water management: we can advise you on how to make the best of your budget by choosing the right solution for you and your property, like harvesting rainwater.

– Rules and regulations on living in the campo: we can help you register on the padrón, obtain permits for your projects such as animals or sheds, and advise you on off-grid life and its challenges.

Changing an almacén to a vivienda: if you’re looking for peace of mind, our architect can advise you on whether your building can be changed into an official residence, help you meet the requirements, and execute the project.

After the purchase

– Connecting to the utilities, opening a new contract or installing services from scratch.

– Obtaining permits for building and renovations: our architect can design and supervise projects, from renovations to new builds.

– Paying property taxes and ensuring you know your rights and duties as a new home-owner in Spain.

– Obtaining tourism licenses for short-term holiday lets.

Living in Spain

Work, self-employment and healthcare advice: whether you just arrived or you have lived here under the radar, we can offer impartial guidance and advice on how to live and work in Spain.

Registering your S1 (€100): if you have obtained proof of health coverage from your home country (S1 form) we can register it for you with the relevant Spanish authorities.

Residency applications (from €200): we can help you figure out the right form to fill, paperwork to show, and book appointments for you at the Extranjería or CNP for residency and EU card/TIE. We can also come with you at the appointment.

Interpreting with doctors, Ayuntamientos, etc (from €25/hr): we offer an affordable by-the-minute interpreting service to email or call on your behalf. You can call us while at your appointment to have a discreet and understanding interpreter make sure you don’t miss a word.

Business services

Starting a business in Spain?
– We specialise in helping you to become self-employed or ‘autónomo’ in Spain.
– We can help you understand the sometimes confusing and complicated process and get you registered with the correct authorities.
– We will find you a trustworthy and reliable Spanish accountant that will manage all your tax obligations on a month-to-month and an annual basis.
– And make sure you understand some of the business basics like how to make and file invoices to the required standard.

Web Development
– We can make unique bespoke websites that will meet all your eBusiness needs, from simple one-page sites to complex automated webshops.
– We can translate your website into English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian, Dutch, Flemish and more!
SEO Optimization that will help your business stand out.
– Custom graphic design and artwork for your website.

– Whatever your marketing needs, we have got you covered in every European language.
– Blogs, Vlogs, and web content that drives traffic to your site.
SEO optimization that gets you seen in organic search results.
– Social Media Marketing Strategies and Branding Support
Graphic Design services for logos, flyers, posters, etc…
– Build you a customer database for direct to inbox marketing.
– Manage your customer newsletter.

The prices indicated on this page do not include IVA.

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